April 20, 2014 @9am


The Message of Resurrection!
What is the message that is amplifying out of the open tomb even today?

Rev. Shine Thomas

  • 27 April - Rev. Shine Thomas
  • 05 May - Rev. Shine Thomas
  • 12 May - Pastor. Richard H.
  • 19 May - Rev. Shine Thomas
  • 26 May - Rev. Shine Thomas

23-Mar-2014 Salted with Fire! Mark 9
A sermon on greatness how God sees it. Jesus takes a little child and demonstrates to his disciples how to live in light of eternity.

16-Mar-2014 Do you not remember? Mark 8
Dear friend, Jesus cares for you right now in those tremendous difficulties of life that you face from time-to-time. Yes, your greatest need is forgiveness of sins and a home in heaven. Jesus offers that to you but along the path of this life Jesus knows about sickness, death. He knows about having to meet the family budget, the stress and weariness that take its toll on you daily. Jesus knows the needs of your children and family. Jesus knows the pain of broken homes. He is very much aware of you and your needs. I want you to know that he has a heart of compassion for you.

2-Mar-2014 Come unto me!
It is said that pain and hardships are part and parcel of human life. Some people pass through trouble with a remarkably positive attitude while others are all shattered by their difficulties. Are you here with a load of care? Is the stress of life tearing you apart? The Bible has answers to enable us overcome our burden of life

23-Feb-2014 Faith vs. Tradition Mark 7
Are you living your Christian life based out of some set of rules of men? Do you feel tasks and traditions can take you to heaven? How can God be pleased? What does the Bible say about traditions?

16-Feb-2014 Loveís Perfect Balance!
We like to associate with others who are similar to them in status, looks, beliefs etc. It is easy to love people that are like us isnít it? That does not take a lot of effort. But how do we relate to people that are different than us? What if I have difference with a colleague, a friend, or someone in the family? What if I have to say no to someone? How can I practice love when it is difficult?

9-Feb-2014 My God is so Big! Mark 6
God always want to do great things in our lives. So, we should be expecting Godís best and rising to new levels. But it is so easy in life to get stuck in a rut and settle for the lowest. No, we have Godís best ahead of us. But if we are going to achieve Godís best we will have to lift up our standards in line with Godís levels.

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